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Floranext Florist POS To Support Flower Shop Network

April 17th, 2013 Posted by Admin Blog, Florist Point of Sale, Florist POS, florist technology, florist-software, Flower Shop Network, FSN, Opening a Flower Shop 3 thoughts on “Floranext Florist POS To Support Flower Shop Network”

Floranext POS customers can send and receive florist orders through Flower Shop Network.

Floranext is excited to announce a partnership with Flower Shop Network. We are happy to be able to offer another great tool to independent florists.

Floranext florist Point of Sale customers can now send and receive florist to florist orders through Flower Shop Network.

Floranext POS customers can access  FSN’s thousands of member florists across the US and Canada.

FSN’s Florist to Florist Orders

  • No monthly fees.
  • Pay only when you send.
  • Receiving florist gets 80%, not 70% or 73% like wire services.
  • Receiving florist gets paid weekly for orders filled.
  • Send orders electronically at $3.99 per order.

How Floranext POS Works with FSN

Sending Orders – Send orders right in Floranext POS- no double entry, saving time and margin of error.

Receiving Orders – The Floranext florist POS automatically pulls FSN florist to florist orders. You get notified about an order by FSN by email and text message – you can then go to your Floranext POS orders list and either Accept or Reject the incoming order.

Floranext and Flower Shop Network – Try Free

Want to try out Floranext’s florist Point of Sale with FSN integration? Contact us for a free demo or free trial.


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A Square Deal for Retailers – Point of Sale’s Next Generation

November 12th, 2010 Posted by Admin Blog, Florist Ecommerce, Florist Point of Sale, Florist POS, Florist Profits, Florist Resources, florist technology, florist-software 1 thought on “A Square Deal for Retailers – Point of Sale’s Next Generation”



The future of retail Point of Sale is here and it’s square.

Square Retail Point of Sale - For Florists or Any Retailer

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Right now retailers need fancy cash registers and point of sale systems. But what if your flower shop could charge a customer just using your mobile phone? Square is doing exactly that — add a simple device to your iPhone and you can charge customers’ credit cards (without credit cards, with great, flexible rates).

Competitive, Flexible Credit Card Processing for your Flower Business.

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Keep an eye on Square — think about how your flower shop can get more flexible and start saving on non-cash transactions.