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The Importance of Upselling

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Upselling isn’t just a sales tactic—it’s a way to improve your customer’s experience.

The objective of customer service is to satisfy the needs and wants of your customers. With that principle as your guide, no sale will feel forced but will make you feel accomplished that you have pleased your customers by providing what they actually need. The key is to successfully identify the needs and wants for each person that purchases through your flower shop.

One of the ways you can deliver a quality sales experience is with upselling. 



What is Upselling?

Upselling is a sales technique aimed at getting a customer to spend more by upgrading their arrangement, or by adding another item to their order.

A good example is when you offer the customer a custom-arranged bouquet rather than one in the cooler or offering a box of chocolates to go with their dozen red roses.  Trying to properly gauge the right service for your customer can open up opportunities to upsell.

Existing customers are easier to upsell to because you may already know their purchasing habits, have a somewhat personable relationship and have a good idea of what they might need. However, new customers can be skeptical, which could mean you’re not upselling right.


How to Upsell To Your Floral Customers

The key is to accurately identify the customer’s needs. Find a product that satisfies that need, and give them a sense of urgency of the offer. Whether it may be a promo price on certain flowers or a limited-time offer, you should try to open such a possibility to the customer as soon as possible.

Avoid pushing too hard, or they might shy away from the offer. Offering too much can also confuse the customer. Try not to make the customer panic, but rather make them feel that the offer is compelling.


When to Upsell Floral Products

Well, it could be at any time! When you feel confident, you can try upselling to regular customers and see how it goes.

During a shop-wide sale, all your products have a higher perceived value because of the price slash. Customers new and old will flock to your flower shop to take advantage of that. This time is a very critical time to upsell! Sales don’t last long, giving that sense of urgency to the customers. All your products will look like perfect grabs, making them more likely to be picked up.



The key here is to offer better-value products to your customers. Upsell products in line with the customer’s purchase that is still part of the sales promotion, presenting just enough choices that they can consider. If done well, the chances for a successful upsell are higher than normal!

You should also incentivize upsells by offering more discounts and freebies, adding more value to the customer’s purchase, at the same time maximizes your profit.

The advantages of upselling during a sale can be numerous, but it all boils to two things: you maximize your profit, and your customer gets home with a satisfactory purchase. With that purchase, they see you as a brand to be trusted, making more likely to come back to you. Other than increasing customer stickiness, upselling is much easier and costs less. A win-win situation!


Sales experiences are not just about how much you earn, but how valuable of experience you can give your customer. When you put your customer first, your profit margin consequently improves, given the advantages of doing such things. However, don’t just stop on upselling, there are so many ways to improve each sales experience. Don’t be afraid to take all the opportunities presented to you!


Florists, what are some upselling tactics you use in your flower shop?


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Introduction to Google AdWords: Florist Marketing

October 10th, 2017 Posted by Idalina Bertone Blog, Florist AdWords, Florist Ecommerce, Florist Marketing, Florist Operations, Florist Resources, florist technology, Opening a Flower Shop, Search Engine Optimization, Uncategorized 1 thought on “Introduction to Google AdWords: Florist Marketing”

Florists, are you bewildered by Google AdWords?

We have received many questions on using Google AdWords, and we’re in agreement that if you are new to the application it may look a bit daunting. We thought it beneficial to explain the mystery to some of Google AdWords and how it works.

Before we begin, let’s point out that Google AdWords is NOT FREE and can actually be quite pricey. So why use Google AdWords? Google AdWords makes your marketing easier by bringing in traffic through the use of keywords, allowing you to customize your ad campaigns and turn clicks into sales.

Understanding how Google AdWords works means understanding how to bid on ads, which turn into conversions. Let’s focus on a basic introduction to Google AdWords to clear up the mystification of how it works.


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Basic Google AdWords Bidding/Budget Functionality

Sometimes you can not fully understand how something works unless you dive right in and try it out for yourself. That certainly applies to getting started with AdWords. There is a reason why we starting out with Google AdWords bidding, it is of great importance you are knowledgeable of your targeted spending before even complicating Google AdWords.

  • Automated Bidding: By far the most recommended if you are just starting out with Google AdWords. Set a daily budget and let AdWords adjust your CPC (cost-per-click) bids to bring you the most clicks possible within that budget.
  • Manual Bidding: Manual bidding lets you set bids at the ad group level, allowing you full control over your CPC for keywords or ad placements, so you bid what you want for the clicks you want.
  • Setting A Daily Budget: One of the most crucial things to remember is to set a low daily budget. We recommend no more than $10.00 a day. Paying for an exorbitant amount of clicks to your AdWords campaign will leave you feeling defeated.



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Understanding/Researching The Floral Market

You’re now ready to start a Google AdWords campaign, but have you thought about the keywords you’ll use to reach potential customers? This question can seem simple—just use keywords specific to the floral industry, right? Well, yes and no. You’ll need to do some research, but we promise you’ll get the hang of it.

  • Keyword Planner: Take advantage of Google’s Keyword Planner on Google Adwords (in your account under Tools). Be sure to describe what you’re promoting to reach your targeted audience.
  • How are customers finding you with keywords? Enter how you think people are searching for flowers into the keyword planner. Our goal is to find the keyword which has the most searches.

Note: You cannot access Google Keyword planner until your payment information is entered into Google Adwords. 


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Starting Your Floral AdWords Campaign

First, navigate to, and sign in or click Start Now. If this is your first time on Google AdWords, try to set aside some uninterrupted time to complete setup.

  • Pick Your Goal: Do you want customers to call your business, visit the store, or visit your website?
  • Choose Your Campaign Location: You will want to choose a geographic area—large or small—your campaign will cover.
  • Define Your Products and Services: Enter your language, the products you offer, and who to show your ad to.
  • Create Your Ad: Start with your Headline 1  and remember to stay relevant to the floral industry and what you are promoting. 
  • Setting Your Budget: Remember to start off slow and set a daily and monthly budget when getting to know Google AdWords.
  • Review Your Ad Settings: Take some time to review your settings and make sure everything is correct.
  • Enter Your Payment Method: Enter in your payment information and voilà, you have created your Google AdWords campaign.

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Tip: When defining your service be sure to take advantage of the Add Another option below Show your ad to people looking for. AdWords will give you a list of related keywords, check all that apply. Most if not all will be useful to add.

Understanding Google AdWords Acronyms

As you begin your journey into Google AdWords you may find some acronyms that throw you:

  • CPA: Cost Per Action, the amount you pay each time a user takes an action such as purchase, signup, call, etc.
  • CPC: Cost Per Click, the average amount you pay when users click on your ad.
  • CPM: Cost Per Thousand, the amount you pay when Google displays your ad to users 1000 times.
  • CTR: Clickthrough rate, a percentage of the number of clicks you get on your ad or keywords divided by the total of impressions received.
  • GCO: Google Conversion Optimizer. You may indicate a target cost per conversion you want to pay and Google will optimize your placement and CPCs to bring you conversions at or below that amount.
  • PLA: Product Listing Ad, an ad on Google search with an image displaying a product for sale on an ecommerce site.
  • QS: Quality Score, Google’s score for users’ experience when they see your ad on a page.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization, a strategy to move websites and pages higher in the rankings in organic and free listings.
  • SPN: Search Partner Network, information on other search engines where Google displays ads in response to a search query.
  • USP: Unique Selling Proposition, unique selling features of your products, services, customer experience and guarantee that make you unlike your competitors.


Florists, how has Google AdWords helped your floral business? Please share your feedback in the comment section below. If you have any questions please post below as well!


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