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Florist Valentine's Roses in Snow

A Florist Valentine’s Day Insurance Policy

January 29th, 2014 Posted by bill events, Florist Marketing, Florist Websites, Valentine's Day 3 thoughts on “A Florist Valentine’s Day Insurance Policy”

Is your flower shop ready for bad weather on Vday?

Florist Valentine's Roses in Snow

Is your flower shop ready for bad weather on Vday?

A flower shop’s worst nightmare – freezing cold temperature, lots of snow and ice the week of Valentine’s Day! The fix – make it a Valentine’s Week!

When the blizzard of 1978 was bearing down on New York City, Mayor Koch announced it to be Valentine’s Week! This was a win-win for everyone.

New Yorkers could celebrate Vday anytime of that week by sending flowers, going to dinner and giving gifts and still feel like they celebrated Valentine’s Day!

Florists, Restaurants and Shops benefit with receiving their Valentine’s Day sales and the government also won by collecting the tax revenues for these purchases!

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year so check the weather the weekend before to see what is predicted. But be ready ahead of time with an action plan in case of bad weather.

  • Talk with other local business in your area to get them on board. Working together with benefit everyone!
  • Engage your local Chamber of Commerce, Mayor and government office to ask for their help in talking it up to the media, writing letters and emails. Have the Mayor do a press conference talking about Valentine’s Week!
  • Involve the local media. Can they do a Valentine’s Week promotion?

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a weather worry
It can be a Week of Celebration!