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Creative Ways To Open A Flower Shop

Posted on June 29th, 2016

creative ways to open a flower shop

Want to own a flower shop for very little start up costs? Now is your chance!

There are so many creative ways to open up a flower shop business. Take a look at these easy, fast, and for very little cost ideas to help open a flower shop or continue your business growth.


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Flower Trucks:

One of the most low-cost businesses are food trucks and ice cream trucks – we have seen these since the beginning of time and they are still going strong. One of the biggest addition to these is that florists are jumping on the truck business too,  and they are making big bucks.  The great thing about having your flower business on wheels is you can go where the customers are, after all, location is key! For very little start-up costs, you too can have a flower truck business, your patrons will be dazzled by its uniqueness.



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Flower  Kiosk:

Flower Kiosks has been a staple in Europe since the beginning of the flower shop business, good thing is, this is trending now in the Untied States.  Opening up a flower kiosk is a great way to start your flower shop business at a very low cost, the amazingly beautiful flower kiosk attracts huge crowds with its European nostalgic feel.



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Flower Bike:

Flower bikes are a fast-growing trend for starting flower shop business. China’s main outlet for selling flowers is on their flower bikes and this is a great way to start making your floral sales in an urban city setting.



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Flower Design Home Studio:

What better way to get your hands in the Flower Shop business than to open a flower designed studio in your home. The important thing here is to make sure there is a designated entrance for your customers. Revamping a garage or shed is a great way to start off your florist business and keep costs low.


Florist Websites - Theme

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Flower eCommerce Website:

If you want to start off with literally almost no start-up costs, try your hands on opening an eCommerce Floral website. Making an attractive Floral website with great SEO is a way to get orders and have your florist business grow substantially.

Hey Florist, If you have any innovating ideas on opening a flower shop, share your ideas below!

Want more ideas and info on the floral industry? Check out this link for more ideas on Opening a Flower Shop.


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9 thoughts on “Creative Ways To Open A Flower Shop”

  1. I would love to start a mini floral business, do you think I would do well in Orlando florida?

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Yasmin-

      When opening your flower shop business location can be very important.
      I myself am not from Orlando, Florida,
      However below are some things to consider when opening a flower shop in a specific location.

      Traffic – Is this a heavy area with lots of foot traffic?
      Parking – Is their ample parking?
      Competition – Are you close to your competitor?
      Other Businesses – Are you located by other businesses who get foot traffic?
      Curb Appeal- Is your business store front attractive and appealing?

      Although all the above is not necessarily required it is a good place to start, I also advice reaching out to florists in your area for their advice.

      I would love to hear feedback on this topic from fellow florists in the Orlando, Florida area.

      1. Stephanie Braun says:


        I’ve been debating this for quite some time now and I too am in the Orlando area! I think one of the things we lack is a place where people can come by and buy flowers that you can’t get at supermarket.


  2. I like the different and creative ways that there are to start a flower shop. I think that because flowers die rather quickly it would be important to find a way to sell them quickly. I also know that unless it is for a big event or occasion people will most likely not go out of their way to find and buy flowers. Because of that, I think that it would be a good idea to bring flowers to the buyers.

    1. Kayla says:

      I am a current owner of a flower shop in Florida, and you would actually be surprised on how many people DO go out of their way to find great quality flowers with a professionally beautiful design! My business thrives in our area! I would agree, however, that it would be even better to have the ability to be mobile! Especially with the current conditions resulting from COVID. Even still, people LOVE coming to the shop to purchase flowers. 2020 was actually my MOST productive year in 15 years of owning this location!

  3. martin swai says:

    i want to open a flower shop in Tanzania what do u think i will start with?

  4. Meech says:

    How do I find laws and regulations for mobile businesses in NYC?

  5. Lynn Johnson says:

    My best friend of 35yrs been working in her mother’s florist all her life. Reirement put her mom passing it down to her.
    She relocated the business on a busy highway and we feel she’ll do great with it. Located in a slight busy town in NC. She has only few competitor’s in same town.
    Please help me to come up with ideas to take her inheritance to next level.

  6. Carolyn Booke says:

    I would love to own a flower truck- I have a vision but do not know the logistics of the business side- licenses, etc?
    Can you provide information for a start-up and how to kick start it all very quickly–I am so over the corporate office grind. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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