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Mother’s Day Last Minute Marketing Plan

Posted on April 29th, 2014

It is less than two weeks until Mother’s Day and you might be thinking; did I do enough to market the holiday for better sales? Take a breath and read…there is still time to do some Mother’s Day marketing!

Last Minute Mother's Day

Everyone Procrastinates!

Many don’t even know that Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th. You have to get these procrastinators moving. Here are some ways to do it:

Make up a sample of the signature arrangements you are offering.

Which designs are you promoting for the holiday? Make up a sample now of each and take their photos for use in your marketing plan.

Once the photos are taken be sure to put the finished designs up by your cash register. Add signs telling people the price and flowers included.  Remember, an educated customer will order now.

It is always good to have a few signature designs to highlight. Try different styles.  Make a few larger designs for those people who want to spend BIG for the holiday.  Don’t limit yourself to only fresh flowers. Container gardens with bedding plants for outdoors and succulent gardens are both very popular now and give consumers something different to give.

Lots of people are intimidated to call a flower shop to order flowers; they don’t want to sound stupid so they go to another outlet and just grab something. Give them options to choose from without too much trouble and they will order.

Email, email and email again.

Take the photos of the arrangements and use them to design your email campaigns. Your emails should answer these questions for your customers:

  1. When is Mother’s Day? You might want to do a countdown, something to get customers to pick up the phone and order now!
  2.  How can they order? Have your phone number, address, email and website all prominently displayed.
  3.  What do you have to offer? This is where your design photos come in. Place the photos on the email and add description and pricing. Be sure to add the pricing. Remember many people do not want to call unless they know the price. Their perception is that florists are “too expensive”.
  4. What’s unique or different? Using the pictures is to help those who are intimidated or not sure what to order. However, you don’t want to miss out on the others who want to do something different! Be sure to let them know you are a flower artist!

Email often. As long as you change the email up a bit to keep the interest up for your customer, you should email often. If you send the same email, you will get less and less opening rate and less and less interest.

Go Social!

This is where you can really have fun. Show pictures of the selected designs, the Mother’s Day flowers as they arrive at your shop, your team and the inside of your shop as you get ready. You want to involve the audience and get them excited about sending your flowers to their mother! Designate a certain member of your team if possible that can take these photos and post them on your social media. You don’t want to be responsible for this important part as you get busier and busier.

Add coupons, information and photos to local listings.

Make sure your information is up to date in local listings like Yelp, YP and Google so that you are ready for Mother’s Day searches. Add new design photos and information on Mother’s Day to these listing as well as check and make sure all the information on the sites are correct. There is still time to add a coupon to these sites if you would like. Contact their business support for more information.

Give Online Advertising a Try.

You can still place ads on Google adwords up through Mother’s Day. Google Ads are great for getting customers just as they are about to spend money. If you’re new to Google Ads, call their toll free number – they will help you target ads at local buyers. Include a coupon or mention of a special in the ad.

Give your website one last look.

Make sure when users click on your website that it answers all these questions in less than 5 seconds – your location, phone number, guarantee policy, years in business – and products with prices.

The Mother’s Day countdown has begun. Give these quick tips a try and get ready for increased sales!


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