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Florist advertising survey. The results are in!

Posted on October 13th, 2010
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We surveyed a cross-section of florists from across the country about their advertising, online and offline. The results are in -- and there are some surprises, particularly in the realm of online advertising. Why is this important? We think in lean times, it's more important than ever for florists to be smart about attracting customers. Spend - but spend smarter -- that's our motto when it comes to advertising. Our caveat with this online survey, our florist respondents are probably a bit more technically savvy than the average florist -- most of our respondents have a Facebook page and a website. That said, the survey gives a good representation of how flower shop owners are approaching marketing. Should you be cutting, increasing or holding your spending steady? Interestingly 44% …

Fed up with FTD? Tired of Telflora? Save Money with Floranext!

Posted on October 11th, 2010
  Floranext's founders have been in the flower business for over 40 years, running one of the most successful florist retail enterprises in the country. We think you should be saving money on your florist website and getting more for your money! We put up with wire service technology for too long before deciding we needed to build our own florist ecommerce tools. Things that ticked us off about the wire service websites: Cost - Sky-high costs for poor service. Inflexible - Hard to change your site products, prices, look and feel Boring (!) - Have you noticed that every florist's wire service site looks exactly the same?! We didn't want to be buying florist ecommerce from two companies acting like monopolies. So we built our own ecommerce tools. And after mulli…