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Florist Guide – Planning For The Year

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A Florist Guide to Planning Your Year

The floral industry, a fast-paced business, that’s ahead of seasons & holidays.

To most florist’s, planning the year is second nature, however, it always helps to have a set plan to organize everyone’s duties. In this blog, we present an easy guide for all your floral yearly planning.



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January can be a slower month in the floral industry, however, there are loads to do. This is a great month to focus on your flower shops organization and marketing planning.

  • Start a blog: This is a great way to increase your SEO, a simple how to blog will do wonders for your search engine visibility and keep the buzz going on your social media.
  • Tip: “How to” blogs are the most searched, so anything with tips and tricks will be well received.
  • Review your last years Valentine’s Sales: Start ordering your flowers for Valentine’s day. Ordering early equals savings, so make sure to order enough, and everything you need. Do not forget to order your add-ons, these are money makers, plush, chocolate, candy, and anything you wish to sell.
  • Tip: If this is your first Valentine’s day, do not over order, this may be tricky, but set up a set amount you will order and see how your sales go. You can always get more in a pinch.
  • Decorate Store & website for Valentines: Start the 2nd week of January, make a spectacular Valentines display in your store and also make sure your eCommerce store is ready for the early bird sales.
  • Sign up for wedding sites:  If you are already signed up great, if not, now is a good time to sign up for wedding sites to promote your wedding floral business. Here are few you should consider, The Knot, Wedding Wire, My Wedding.

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Buckle down for this short fast paced month! Although slow to start,  it is a good idea to have everything in order before the rush.

  • Employee Management: Go over all employee scheduling and duties in the first week of February. Make sure you have hired all your new holiday help and that everyone understands their tasks for Valentine’s day.
  • Tip: Good time to also rent extra delivery vans if needed.
  • Promotions: Offer pre-Valentine’s day delivery promotions.  The idea here is to spread the wealth of this Valentine’s day and not be constricted to just delivering on February 14. Offer generous promotions on your flower shop website, post on social media and of course make sure they expire a few days before Valentines.
  • Take care of yourself:  During this busy month, it is important to rest and take time for yourself. Encourage your employees to do the same and wear comfortable clothes, comfy shoes, and eat please, it’s amazing how many florists do not eat when they are busy. Being organized will alleviate most of the Valentines day pressure, so make sure to be well nourished and comfortable.
  • Tip: Start a flower shop with a holiday diary. We know sounds corny, however it’s amazing what can be learned from holidays by just writing it down. Yes, you have your gross receipts, but how about mishaps, or comical happenings that are not noted, these are all so important and good read before the holidays.  



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March can be the most rewarding month in the floral industry, it gives florist time to relax and get ready for new beginnings with the coming of spring.

  • Finance Review: With the first quarter almost through, now is a good time to get a grasp on your profit and loss for January and February. Add notes about what you may do differently next year, a  good thing if you have started the flower shop diary.
  • Spring Cleaning:  The #1 season that is most anticipated by customers is spring, especially if you live in the colder weathered areas, it is never too early to start bringing out this season. Start refreshing your flower shop and get ready for spring with beautiful decor and showcasing.
  • March Sales Madness: As florists, we know march can be hit or miss with sales, so start a campaign and sell your products customers love, try a Free with purchase or half-off sales. make this a yearly ritual if this works for your business.
  • Order your Easter flowers & plants! It’s always good to get ahead, start an order for your easter flowers and plants. Again ordering early equals savings from your suppliers and you also have the best selections.



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Ready or not Mother’s Day will be here before you know it! Take April as a month to prepare for the #1 florist holiday.

  • Order Mother’s Flowers & Supplies:  Make sure to order those beautiful containers and Mother’s day flowers with your supplier. Good time to order is early April.
  • Showcase your plants: If you are selling plants, now is a good time to showcase your flowering plants, this creates such a welcoming inviting atmosphere for customers. If you can move some outdoors, this is great for some curb appeal.
  • Promotions & Marketing: We recommend you start promoting after Easter to generate some early bird sales for Mother’s day. Post on your social media and website, this will help boost your SEO. A great marketing tip is to offer a giveaway, maybe a gift basket, or free flowers for a few months, and have customers fill out their information when they make a purchase.
  • Employee Management: It’s that time again to make sure to hire the extra help you will need for Mother’s Day. Make sure all current employees understand their schedule and duties.
  • Tip: If you are new to the floral industry, then a good to know tip is that Mother’s Day is the #1 floral business holiday, customers order throughout the week rather than one day. Be prepared with help, lots of flowers, and beautiful containers. 



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May, what a great month for the floral industry! With one of the top selling holidays, this month starts off slow and quickly picks up in a super-charged way, so always good to be ready.

  • Take a look around: Do a quick glance, does your flower shop look appealing to you? Make sure you use a critical eye and take it all in, the sound and if possible even the way it smells. Customers are drawn to a beautiful environment, it has proven to make them feel relaxed and comfortable, which will help increase those sales!
  • Employee training:  The first week of May is a good time to discuss employee customer service, the cross-selling, and up-selling of products. Make sure your employees are polite and offer customers upgrades and add-ons with their purchase. This is an easy way to almost triple your profits.
  • Offer prom promotions: Proms are a way sure to make sales. Build relationships with future long time patrons. Offer a referral discount.
  • Examine your finances: After the Mother’s day rush now is a good time to sit down and see whether or not you made a profit, be sure to calculate all costs and include any spoilage or waste. Keep notes on what you would do different next year.



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Oh June, what a lovely month! For some, the commencement of summer and a chance to organize all your floral business needs. June is the most popular month for weddings with September and October in a close 2nd. Florists are pleasantly surprised on how busy June can get with weddings and graduations.

  • Refresh your floral website:  Update your flower shop for some summer specials, make sure you’re wedding galleries are up to date with great content and keywords.
  • Offer promotions: Teacher gifts and graduation promotions are a great way to bring traffic into your flower shop. Be sure to post these on your floral website and social media.
  • Order retail products: This is a great time to order some fresh new stock to get customers to flock to your flower shop. There is nothing you cannot sell, so think outside the box, What is popular? Candles (certain brand), skin care, plush, home decor, makeup, even unique greeting cards. Brand your flower shop!



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We like to call July,  “a month of organization.” This month can be on the slower side,  so it’s very important to get your flower shop in order with beautiful displays and heavy on the marketing.

  • Write a blog: We know this is listed in other months above, however,  July can be a slower month.  If you have time to write a How To Blog, or anything that inspires you, think about things you search for, read,  and watch as your SEO sky-rockets through the roof.
  • Social media: Take some time to focus and revamping your social media communities. Add content and images and don’t forget the hashtags #, Again all this for top placement in Social Media.
  • Tidy up your flower shop: By tidy up we mean clean, scrub, wash, organize, label, etc. Freshen up your floral space!
  • Browse your floral supply stores:  July is a great month to look at products in your floral supply store, you can find great deals on holiday items, it is a great time to stock up.



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August can be one of the slowest months in the floral industry. we ask that if you are slow, to try implementing new ways to market in your flower shop.

  • Newsletter: Email, mail, or both! Send out a newsletter to your customers offering special savings.
  • Start a workshop or floral party! Get busy with hosting a floral workshop, kids floral birthday parties, and much more. This can lead to great profits and new patrons at your flower shop.
  • Start preparing for fall!  Get your flower shop ready for the most popular season, create beautiful displays, order new inventory and go for it! We recommend doing this the second to the last week of August. Don’t forget your fall marketing!



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Flowers sales in September pick up rapidly towards the middle of the month. Customers are now back to their normal routines with the kids back school and weddings start to pick up.

  • Order fall flowers and Plants: Stock up on your seasonal flowers & plants.
  • Revamp your floral website:  Add the season touch to your floral website with fresh new content and images. Use proper keywords, specific to the floral industry for SEO advantage.
  • Launch and Adwords Campaign: If your budget allows, try launching an Adwords campaign for more clicks to your eCommerce store. Be sure to set a budget and stick to it as this can get expensive.
  • Keep up with your blog: Now that you are pro, how about writing a seasonal blog or fall wedding blog? We cannot say this enough, blogs are so powerful with SEO.
  • Note: Canadian florists, September is a good time start ordering flowers and supplies for Thanksgiving.



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October offers some great sales in the flower shop business, now is a good time to start orders on any extra stock supplies and get them at a discount for future use.

  • Prepare for the holidays: The holidays are just around the corner, shop around for the best deals on all your flowers, and supplies for the holidays. Also, shop around for holiday products to sell at your shop.
  • Employee Management: Go over your employee scheduling and see if you will need extra help for the holiday season.
  • Open House: Host a holiday open house showing off your latest products and floral designs.
  • Floral Expo: Take some time to visit a flower expo in your area, take your employees, this is a good way to stay current with the new trends, and first dibs on new products.
  • Note: October is a very popular wedding month with most wedding proposals in December. Think of launching a Wedding Package special on your website during this month.



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Tis the season for flower sales, November all in all is a great month for flower sales. Customers are getting into the giving mood.

  • Market the holidays! Add promotions to your floral website and do not forget about your social media!
  • Start greening: Green those Thanksgiving centerpieces ahead of time, add any taper or candles and put in the cooler for a quick way to add flowers as sales role in for thanksgiving.
  • Decorate for the holidays: Time for Christmas cheer, create eye-appealing displays and make sure your flower shop is festive. If you can make a beautiful Christmas window display or storefront display to bring in curious shoppers.
  • Offer incentives: Offer black Friday or Small business Saturday deals,  “buy ones get ones” are great offers, even if it’s just a couple hours that day. Having a great deal with a cut off time is a good way of creating hype and traffic into your flower shop.
  • Tip: Do not forget to revamp your eCommerce for Christmas and update your social media



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Many florists around the world enjoy huge flower sales during the Christmas holiday. Although in some parts of the United States, florists have seen a decline in their floral sales during Christmas, this month is quickly picking up and still trailing as the third best month for floral retail sales.

  • Employee management: Set exceptions for your employees on selling upgrades and add-ons for each customer’s order. Review scheduling and days you are closed.
  • Christmas Greens: Mentioned above, it is also a good idea to green your arrangements ahead of time for Christmas. Take time to do this early before the holiday rush.
  • Offer Discounts: Sometimes offering a discount too early for Christmas can become forgetful to customers who may not be ready. Post Christmas discounts during this month and make sure to have an expiration time or date.  Great discounts are gifts for parents, teachers, corporate and the person, who has everything. Flower still remain the perfect gift.
  • Tip: Do not forget to market to businesses. holiday parties are huge, so offer incentives to have them book with you for their flower needs. 


These are just some examples and a helpful guide for florists to plan out their year. Florists do you have any tips or must do’s for a specific month? Please share in the comments below with our readers.


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Fall Flower Wedding Trends

September 29th, 2016 Posted by Idalina Bertone Blog, Floral Design, Flower Trends, photos, weddings 1 thought on “Fall Flower Wedding Trends”


Enchant your clients with these fall flower wedding trends

Fresh crisp air, colorful leaves piled high, aromas of sweet pumpkin and apple pie, anticipation of holiday family gatherings, these are just a few things that come to mind when thinking of fall.  It is proven that fall has a spellbinding effect on our emotional state, perhaps this is why more couples choose to have their weddings during this extraordinary time of the year.

Fall flower wedding trends for 2016 do not fall short of this seasons magical commencement. Think outside the box to showcase these ravishing fall wedding trends.



image via

 Exotic Flowers To Fall For

Let the flower’s bloom take precedence, leave succulents behind, they are fading fast, so focus on unique textured blooms.  Protea and Dahlias are a big hit this season and sure to stick around.

Trending Colors – Blush – Orange – Peach – Burgundies – Browns –  Shades of Whites

Foliage of choice is eucalyptus, used with many different varieties.

Tip: Remember your twigs, berries and branches, add a bit of whimsy with raspberry vines.



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Wildflower Bouquets

Wild about fall, these gathered freshly picked bouquets are all about size and texture, think wide and loose.

Incorporate burgundies, oranges and blush (pink), toss the color wheel and get to designing. Remember it’s all about the shape, texture and movement.



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 Hair Flower-dos

Tiaras are a thing of the past, the current trend is now sweet, soft, and ultra feminine with hair flower-dos. Keeping with the same wildflower look, these grand and soft arrangements should be highly recommend to all your brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls.

Tip: Floral crowns and floral clips are simple to make, make some up and take pictures for your wedding flower portfolio.



image via

Fall Centerpiece Vessel 

The days of grand tall centerpieces are passé, think low. Use creative vessels to display your flower arrangements. A super hot trend for fall, believe it or not, is loosely arranged centerpieces in pineapples or white pumpkins.



Image via Lush Flowers at


Garland Foliage Centerpieces

Adorn tables with garland sweep across a long table scape or across the center of a round table. These centerpieces are a hit and easy to execute. You can add beautiful white candles and twigs for a completed look.



Image via

Adding Fall Touches

Making a centerpiece is just the beginning, how about adding a touch of awe by awaking all the senses and incorporating what makes this fall season special. Cinnamon sticks are a huge hit and chat worthy among guests. Green apples and fall leaves look best in all white and cream table scapes.



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Flower Photo-Booth Walls 

If you are not recommending flower wall arrangements, then you must start asap! Think of the wedding photo booths, couples spend a small fortune on these. The flower photo booth wall can be used for many backdrops, they are classy, adds character, luxury, and a definite show stopper!


image via Idalina Cardillo

image via Idalina Cardillo

Theme Weddings

Theme weddings are all the rage this fall, although not just for the fall season. Theme weddings has taken precedence and is especially popular among the rich and famous.  Let your creativity blossom and recommend these fabulous wedding themes.

Most Popular Themes 

  • Old Hollywood
  • Bookworm
  • Eco Friendly
  • Rustic
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Bohemian (Fairy Princess)
  • Game of Thrones
  • Vintage
  • Sports


These are just a few popular trends with weddings in the fall. Florist, what trend is popular in your area? Please share below any trends or tips we did not mention for our readers.


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Flower Trends 2016

May 12th, 2016 Posted by Idalina Bertone Blog, Floral Design, Florist Profits, Flower Trends, Opening a Flower Shop 2 thoughts on “Flower Trends 2016”

Flower Trends 2016

Whether you are applying these trends daily at your shop or researching, it’s important to stay ahead of the flower industry. Which trends appeal to you?


Image via

Flower Trend #1 – Luxurious

Luxurious is an airy garden style with texture, beautiful shapes and patterns. A romantic whimsical look and feel with garden elements. This trend is popular with this season’s weddings.


  • Artisan Roses/Garden Roses
  • Dahlias, 
  • Cushion Gerberas 
  • Miniature Gerberas, 
  • Hydrangeas 
  • Miniature Callas 
  • Phalaenopsis Orchids 
  • Leucospemum (Pin Cushions) 
  • Dianthus,
  • Green Trick/Green Ball 
  • Hypericum 
  • Bupleurum 
  • Boxwood

Colors:  Citrus and berry colors like reds, pinks, oranges, salmon, and coral are a focal point in these arrangements. Orange is set to be the prominent color.

Accent Colors: Vibrant greens, violets, white, and gold help accent the arrangement.



Image via

Flower Trend #2 – Urban Bright

Urban Bright is a new urban dynamic with bright colors that has a bohemian 1960-70’s retro look. Great for modern spaces to add a pop of color. These arrangements tend to have a organic look with loosely gathered groupings.


  • Gerberas
  • Zinnias
  • Sunflowers
  • Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis Orchids
  • Stock
  • Hydrangeas
  • Lisianthuses
  • Hybrid Tea Roses
  • Miniature Callas
  • Craspedia (Billy Buttons)
  • Succulents
  • Delphinium
  • Celosia
  • Chrysanthemum

Colors: Rich saturated reds, purples, teals, and black as the neutral color

Accents Colors: Oranges, yellow, and greens help finish this trend off.


image via

Flower Trend #3 – Industrial Chic

A new take on your traditional elegant flowers. A rich combination of metallic sheen and sparkle for the modern customer. Arrangements are elegant, formal, and with metal textures.


  • Calla Lily
  • Ranunculus
  • Roses
  • Tulip
  • Carnation
  • Stock
  • Spray roses
  • Roses

Color: Solid Whites and Ivory are the main focal point of this trend.

Accent Colors: Black, Silver, Copper, Gold, Bronze, Brass, & Rose Gold.



image via

Flower Trend #4 – Vintage Soft

Vintage soft is influenced by soft pastel hues, prints, patterns, and textures. This trend maintains the mono-chromatic look with soft hues for a complementary addition to any atmosphere.


  •  Hybrid tea, Spray and Garden roses
  •  Hybrid Lilies 
  • Parrot Tulips
  •  Hydrangeas
  • Lisianthuses
  • Miniature Callas
  • Stock
  • Larkspur
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Dusty Miller
  • Seeded Eucalyptus

Colors: These pastel colors are muted, washed out and almost neutral. Blush pink, aqua, mint green, frost white, and shell gray create that soft look.

Accent Colors: Lavenders, yellows, soft greens, platinum and pewter bring this soft vintage look together.



image via

Flower Trend #5 – Modern Texture

A new take on modern flowers. This trend includes flowers, produce, and nature elements with rich textures.


  • Irises
  • Hybrid Delphiniums
  • Larkspur
  • Oriental and O.T. Lilies
  • Tulips
  • Sunflowers
  • Antique Hydrangeas
  • Hybrid tea, spray, and garden roses
  • Lisianthuses
  • Succulents and Tillandsia
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Produce (Kale, Artichokes, peppers, Etc.)
  • Vines and branches.

Colors: This trend brings tints, tones, and shades of blue for the body of this arrangement.

Accent colors: Warm hues of yellow, green, beige and white with a touch of iron, bronze and gold bring this modern texture to life.

What is your favorite 2016 Flower Trend – share your favorite with us!


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Florist Website Wedding Banners

May 28th, 2015 Posted by Admin Florist Ecommerce, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, weddings 0 thoughts on “Florist Website Wedding Banners”

Want to get more florist wedding business this season? A beautiful wedding banner for your florist website will help showcase your wedding work.

On the wedding page itself, make sure your florist wedding page shows off a slideshow or similar portfolio of high-quality images – customers respond better to an artistic presentation than an e-commerce portfolio with prices.

Click here to Download the Floranext Wedding Banners

Florist Website - Wedding Banner



Florist Website - Wedding Banners

Florist Website Wedding Banners



Click here to Download the Floranext Wedding Banners

Also, take a look at some of our other wedding related blog posts:

5 Steps for a Better Florist Wedding Website

Slideshows for Your Florist Website


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One, Two, Three Steps for Better Flower Website Photos

May 14th, 2014 Posted by bill Florist Marketing, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, florist-software, photos, Stunning Photo Galleries, weddings 5 thoughts on “One, Two, Three Steps for Better Flower Website Photos”

You’re in the midst of designing a gorgeous wedding bouquet and you think “This is beautiful; I would love to take a photo of this design and put it on my flower website so other brides can see my work.” If your next thought is ”no, that’s too hard to do.” then read on. Getting nice wedding flower photos are as easy as one, two, three!


ONE – The Prep Work For Flower Photos

Have a designated place to take photos always available. If you have to stop everything and move items around to take the photo of your flowers, you won’t. And don’t even think about holding the bouquet at arm’s length and photographing it, it won’t work!

Keep this area clean and ready to use in a moment’s notice. The designated area should be draped in a lightly colored background cloth. Dove grey is an excellent choice. One reason to use dove grey is that flowers aren’t found in this color so each flower will be seen distinctly and not fade into the background color. This color also makes it easy to cut out the background in a photo editing program. If dove grey isn’t available, white fabric or even white poster board will work. Remember to keep the cloth clean and pressed. You will be amazed at how the camera will pick up on even the littlest wrinkle. Another easy idea is to use white paper or even table runners as the background.  The main idea is to have an uncluttered background so your flower bouquets are the spotlight.  You can event construct a light box to use for your flower photos. It can be as simple as a white project board (think science project) put together as a contained box.  Search for easy light box instructions on the computer.

Invest in a tripod. You can take the photos without a tripod but often your hands aren’t as steady as you think and the pictures turn out blurry.  Experiment and see.

Add lights. Natural sunlight from the back is often a good option when available.  If not, purchasing a few additional inexpensive clamp-on lights for use above and on the sides of the design will eliminate shadows and dark holes. It is best to use daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs to keep the flower colors true. Remember to turn-off your automatic flash on your camera, it will be too bright and will wash out the colors at that close of range. You need to try a few shoots to see what works best.

Need a camera. Before investing in a new camera, check your camera on your Android or IPhone or even your tablet or IPad.  These cameras are often excellent for taking shots of your designs.  Even an inexpensive “point and shoot” camera will work fine for florist website pictures.


TWO – The Flower Design

Make certain the flower design will look as good in photos as in person. Often time the design looks beautiful in person but just not the same in photos for your florist website. When taking the flower photos, remember to position the camera to take the most important part of the design, the flowers. This might mean angling the design or moving the camera around to get the right shot.

Too light or dark colored flowers can be lost in the design. Dark flowers can end up looking like dark holes and white or light flowers can all be lumped into one white glowing blob. Move the lights around to help alleviate this problem.

Take a photo that is true to the design. If the design is an all-around flower arrangement, don’t move all the flowers to one side to make it look larger than it is.

Florist Website

THREE – The Results for Your Florist Website

Put the best on your florist website. Your florist website is the first place consumers go to see what type of flowers you design. Do not put up anything that you are not proud of!

Your website photos should be easy to change and changed often for best results. Picasa, a free photo editing program from Google offers a large selection of editing tools including cropping, adding text and adjusting lighting and background.

It’s wedding season and you don’t want to miss out on taking photos of your best flower work. These photos are a great tool for use on your florist website and social media!  So get shooting and show everyone what you can design!


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How to Use Pinterest for Your Florist Website

Creating a Florist Pinterest Page – 3 Steps to Increase Sales!

December 11th, 2013 Posted by bill Florist Ecommerce, Florist Marketing, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, florist-software, photos, Search Engine Optimization, weddings 3 thoughts on “Creating a Florist Pinterest Page – 3 Steps to Increase Sales!”

Looking to drive sales on your florist website? Pinterest continues to be the darling of the social media websites and with good reason – study after study shows that if you are looking for the social media avenue that will increase sales,  Look to Pinterest.

Wedding Boards from Pinterest

According to a recent blog post Pinterest Pins Drive 25% More Sales Than a Year Ago; “One pin brings in $0.78 in sales on average — and that figure is growing. Compared to data pulled a year ago, the value of a pin has grown nearly 25%.” It also noted that “Pins are evergreen — even months after they’ve been pinned, they’re driving traffic and sales. Half of sites visits happen after 3.5 months of the original pin date, and half of the sales happen after 2.5 months of the original pin date.”

Looking for new ways to get more traffic into your flower shop? Look to Pinterest. 21% of the Pinterest users surveyed by Harvard Business Review said that went to the store and bought the item after pinning, repinning, or liking it, and 36% of users under 35 said they had done so.

Looking to showcase your florist wedding work? Look to Pinterest. 86% of all brides create their dream wedding with Pinterest boards.  They design their wedding from the photos they pin and they look to Pinterest for the current trends and designs, including great florist photos.

Florist Pinterest Board


Now that you have seen the worth of using Pinterest, lets get your business ready…

First Step – Create a Florist Pinterest Account

Even if you have a personal Pinterest page, similar to Facebook, you need a business page. This is another place to optimize search engines.   While crawling, search engines will pick up your username (your flower shop) and information from your About section.

The About section is the place to shine and describe who you are and what you do.  Optimize this 200-character space with keywords that are relevant to your city and the work you do to boost your visibility in search results. For example if you are a florist in Brooklyn, make sure the term “Brooklyn Florist” is in your About section.

It’s very important to utilize the same description and keywords across all your other social media profiles for consistency.  All should contain your florist website, where you are located and your flower specialties.

Second Step – Create a Florist Pinboard

Pinboards are just sub-pages on your florist Pinterest page – for flower shops these are typically collections of your work. You might create a Pinboard for your wedding work, one on Christmas flowers, and another for your everyday flower photos.

When you create a board make sure to use the About section and include keywords relevant to the board. Also make sure to use the maps function to locate your photos (and your business) on a map. This will help Google and other search engines to recognize your business as a leading local flower shop in your area.


Flower Shop Pinterest Board

Third Step – Link Your Florist Photos and Florist Website

If you are using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox browsers, there are Pin It buttons you can add to your browser to easily pin your florist website photos. Add this button to your browser and you can “pin” a photo to any one of your Pinboards with a few clicks.


pin-it-button for your florist website

Pinterest is a great spot for backlinks – links that lead people back to your flower shop’s website. They are invaluable for SEO because search engines take them into account when measuring relevancy of your business and how they will rank you when someone uses a search engine. Each time a pin is pinned and repinned on Pinterest, it creates a backlink to the source page – which is like an additional “vote” for your florist website.

The more a florist pin gets shared, the more backlinks are created.  That is why you must continually pin new content from your own florist website.  Yes, repinning and liking others’ photos is important from the social aspect but making sure you add your photos from your florist website is most important.

With over 70 million people on Pinterest, starting with these four simple steps, you will be able to Look To Pinterest for increased sales on your florist website.



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Slideshows for Your Florist Website

July 16th, 2013 Posted by Admin Florist Ecommerce, Florist Marketing, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, florist-software, weddings 1 thought on “Slideshows for Your Florist Website”


Want to make your florist website stand out? Great slideshows showcasing your flower photos are a great way to add some splash to your website – particularly your wedding and event pages. Several new websites allow you to easily create florist slideshows for your website.

Create a Slideshow for Your Florist Website

Here is an example slideshow that we built in under five minutes with one slideshow builder:

How to Create a Florist Website Slideshow

There are a lot of free slideshow software products available. Two that we can recommend are PhotoSnack and Slidely. Here’s how to create a florist website slideshow in five steps:

1. Set up a free account – use your name and email address. You can also log in directly with your Facebook account, if you prefer.

2. Upload the flower photos – you want to display from your computer. If you don’t have any of your own photos, you can borrow flower photos from Pinterest or Google Images to try out.

3. Choose your settings – For PhotoSnack you can customize your slideshow with different backgrounds, choose the time between different images. For Slidely you can customize with different music.

4. Copy the embed code – After creating a slideshow you can share the video on your Facebook page and on your website. Floranext’s florist websites allow you to add slideshows to your wedding, event and other pages. Just copy the embed code on PhotoSnack or Slidely.

5. Paste the embed code in Your Florist Website – On your website, find the page editor (on Floranext this is under Website Design > Edit Pages > Choose the Page to Edit (e.g. Weddings). Paste in the embed code into your page editor and save. Check the website to see how it looks. So easy!


Top Slideshow Tips for Floral Websites

Slideshows, image sliders, or whatever term you prefer to use have recently become a popular way to gain the attention of website visitors. Done well, they are the most effective means of presenting your floral designs. Here are a few things to look for in a professional slideshow to stimulate florist eCommerce:

1. Above all, the images must be captivating. Poor lighting, shadows, and weak backgrounds can be problem areas.
2. Descriptions should be short, enticing, and grammatically perfect. Do not try to jam too much content into them. Rather, provide a “More Info” link to direct visitors to the details.
3. Consider embedding the slideshow lower on the page as a way to enhance specific offerings, such as wedding and event packages.
4. Be sure the user is in control of the activity.
5. Use keywords and phrases as parts of the slides to enhance search engine optimization (SEO).

The fourth one deserves some explanation. Many people leave websites any time they sense that they have no control over the content. If you have ever clicked onto floral websites that begin blaring the site builder’s favorite music, you understand. The visitor should be able to stop the slide rotation any time, freezing the current image. The rotation speed must not rush the reader and the controls should be easy to recognize and implement.

Conversions Are King

There is an old saying among professional website builders – “Content is king.” That applies especially to floral websites, even more today than ever in the past. If someone lands on your optimized website page and does not receive your message within about eight seconds, they are likely gone for good. Good content, including an attractive and user-friendly slideshow generates conversions.

How do you keep their attention? A large part of any website content is the headline. If your slideshow will be at the top of the page, the header that introduces it will largely determine whether the visitor continues reading or hits the back button. Be creative, but stay consistent with the voice of your website.

Floranext Slideshows Produce Results

Unlike the Adobe Flash player for example, Google, Yahoo, and Bing all index Floranext slideshows. This means that the slideshow itself can bring traffic to floral websites. In addition, unlike some other platforms, all Floranext products are supported over a complete range of smartphones and tablets, including Android and Apple’s iOS devices.

Particularly for weddings and special events, a slideshow can be a great way to display several images within a short time frame to generate demand for your proposals. If your photos are captivating and your content is imaginative, you will notice improved results immediately.

We invite you to get in touch with us for any questions about adding slideshows to your florist website – we can answer your questions and help create a beautiful new website that is current with recent search engine algorithm updates.


Floranext makes great florist software. Florist websites, floral POS, florist wedding/event proposal software, and florist technology. Let us know if you want a free demo or try our software for free here!