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Five Florist Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Posted on April 9th, 2013
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Mother's Day should be among the most profitable days for a flower shop. Some good preparation and targeted marketing can add 5 - 15% to your sales. Marketing early and often is the way to go. Here are some ideas that have worked for our shops. Feel free to add your own ideas below as well! 1. Restaurant Marketing Partner with local restaurants to offer package deals of dinner and flowers. Also give away a free arrangement every week for the restaurant in the month before Mother's Day - make sure that it is prominently displayed with your shop name. 2. School Marketing Create a special discount for students. Put up posters and flyers promoting flower shop student specials for high schools and college campuses and at local coffee, ice cream and yogurt shops where students h…

Beautiful Origami Flowers

Posted on February 1st, 2013
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  Origami (from ori which means "folding", and Japanese deity which means "paper" is that the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, that started within the seventeenth century AD at the most recent and was popularized outside of Japan within the mid-1900s. it's since then evolved into a contemporary form. Here is a collection of great origami flower designs that embody the best of the art form. Floranext makes great florist websites, floral POS, florist wedding/event proposal software, florist technology and great floral software. Let us know if you want a free demo or try our software for free here!  …

Buying a Computer For Your Flower Shop

Posted on January 8th, 2013
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Buying a computer for your flower shop isn't always an easy process, particularly if you´re not info fancy acronyms. Here is a simple guide to what you might consider when buying a computer for your flower shop. The very first question you should ask yourself should not be "Windows or Apple," or "Dual Core or Quad Core." The very first question should be "What do I need this computer to do?" In a flower shop, you need to take and manage florist POS orders, write docs, compose emails, use MS Office, use florist software, connect to the internet, go to florist websites, and do social networking. This is basically what you need from a floral computer. These tasks are, in general, not very demanding on the computer, so you don´t need to worry about buying the most expensive compute…

Florist Website Banners – Rotating Banners on Your Floranext Website

Posted on November 12th, 2012
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Floranext is excited to announce rotating banners for website customers and a selection of new banners! The new scrolling banners (available on our Advanced package and for all POS + Website customers) add dynamism to your florist website. First here are some of our new banners: See how they look on a Floranext florist website: Floranext's florist website builder allows store owners to change banners on their front page for different seasons and holidays. In addition, you can add banners for content pages like your weddings, events, testimonials, about us pages and any others you want to create. Floranext also allows you to upload your own banners. Create custom banners and give your website a unique look and feel. Here's is a how-to guide showing how easy it is to u…

Instagram Lets Florists Take Beautiful Flower Photos

Posted on November 6th, 2012
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Instagram-For-Florists-photo   Instagram, the photo sharing web app now owned by Facebook, is making a move that is great for florists. Get ready for a new way to start sharing your flower shop's beautiful creations. Instagram can help drive more orders to your florist website and get you more wedding and event business. What is Instagram? It's an app for your iPhone or Android phone that allows you to share beautiful photos with friends or other followers. Until now, Instagram was only available on phones. The company now lets you showcase the photos you take on your phone on the web as well. Like Facebook, Instagram lets you get social with your photos - enabling you to gather followers who get updated every time you post a photo. Instagram has filters that let you make your phot…

Free Wedding/Event Proposal Manager – New Floranext Software!

Posted on July 16th, 2012
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Over the past year we listened to customer requests for even better wedding/event tools. What we came up with is a wedding/event manager proposal - an easy tool to create beautiful, polished proposals in minutes. And it’s yours free – forever! Floranext offers the best florist websites, floral point of sale, and floral software. Our new (free!) wedding/events tool is an easy way to compose beautiful wedding and event proposals. Add photos and then send out by email or print. Designing compelling proposals has never been easier. Watch a video to find out more: For a wedding proposal you can add information about the bride and groom, the wedding and reception date, and info about the flowers requested (bouquets, centerpieces, etc.), your service charges, terms and condit…

Florist Technology Checklist

Posted on May 14th, 2012
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How many of these essential technology tools are you using for your flower shop? Are you thinking about how you can use the Internet and technology to grow your flower shop and save money? These tools may be the easiest way for you to make more money and increase your bottom line: 1. Online Advertising - Google Advertising lets you find customers who are about to make a purchase. Online shoppers looking for "birthday flowers", "mother's day flowers" are about to spend money. Best of all, local florist ecommerce website can out-perform big brands with Google Ads. Facebook ads are great also - you can target adds for wedding business right at women with status "Engaged". Advertising on The Knot is also worth trying! 2. Free Links to your Florist website - Google Places, Yah…

Great Lakes Floral Expo – Highlights

Posted on March 8th, 2012
The Great Lakes Floral Expo in Michigan was last weekend. The kickoff evening featured a flower-themed, tango-inspired dance performance. The program included some fantastic florist-specific workshops on everything from designing with latest tools to tips for photographing your work. The highlight was the Iron Chef-style floral design competition. Florists did not know what flowers, tools, or accents they would have to work with. They had a limited time to make their creations, while being watched by an audience. Here are some action shots and then pictures of the final (and winning) designs. We hope you liked the highlights - stay tuned for more from next week's Northeast Floral Expo! Brought to you by Floranext - we make great flori…

Florist Valentine’s Day Banners and Backgrounds

Posted on January 19th, 2012
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florist-valentines-banner-backgrounds  Valentine's Day is around the corner. It's a good time to get your florist website looking it's best for the season. Take a look at some of these great new Valentine's Day backgrounds and banners for your florist websites. Floranext website and floral Point of Sale customers can easily change their designs for seasons and holidays. Does your website allow you to change backgrounds and banners? Feel free to grab these backgrounds for your own website! Interested in upgrading your florist technology? Take a look at Floranext's florist websites and floral POS - we're florists ourselves and we're here to help, so feel free to get in touch with us! Wishing your flower shop a happy, profitable Valentine's Day!…

Four Google Adwords Tips for Florists

Posted on January 4th, 2012
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Florists-Google-Adwords    Google Ads are one of the keys to building your florist website business. No one should be running an online flower shop without a Google Adwords campaign. But how to get started? First what are Google Adwords. Simply put, Google lets you bid on search terms like "florist" or "florist in San Francisco." You can choose to put a text ad alongside these terms. Google lets advertisers bid on ads, and puts the most-clicked and best content sites at the top. Here are some pointers for how to build a successful advertising campaign. Make sure to approach this as a trial and error exercise at the beginning. It will take some time to get the formula just right! 1. Location Specific Keywords - Choose your domain names carefully. Don't waste your time on the keyword …