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Florists for Change – Committee Decisions

Posted on October 5th, 2011
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Attendees interested in specific committees met to start talking and making decisions. Some were straightforward, others were less so. Floranext participated in the Technology committee discussion, but here is a summary of all of them. Legislative committee - discussed wire service fees and rebates. - Fee Split: Agreement on the need to achieve a 90/10 split between sender and receiving florist in order to dis-incentivize order gatherers. Feeling that rebates won't go away, but need to be fairer. Controversial discussions were on whether to include grocery store florists as in FFC. Organization Committee - FFC has created a legal entity - Legal Entity: a 501c6 -- a league of business owners. This limits what FFC can do - for example, any F2F network cannot be part of this organi…

Florists for Change – Committees

Posted on October 4th, 2011
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Florists for Change CommitteesThe Florists for Change event is on in Atlanta, with over 100 florists from around the US and a few from canada. One of the primary targets was to discuss and organize committees. Floranext participated in discussions, with a focus on technology solutions for the industry. Here are the committees that were discussed: - Organization - discuss the organization of the group itself: voting, membership dues, etc. - Communications - official source for authorized docs, phone call/email trees, public relations, media interviews and write-ups, website and social media - Technology/F2F Order Transmission- Look at existing platforms - compare to ideal, Evaluate tech companies as potential associate members - Legislative - Define "deceptive order gathering", Identify reliable in…

Florists for Change – Letter to Vendors

Posted on October 4th, 2011
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Florists for Change's Atlanta meeting will focus heavily on inviting vendors to present their solutions. Floranext will present our florist POS and florist website solution. Here is the invitation letter from the FFC team to vendors. We are in Atlanta and covering the Florists for Change event. Here was the agenda for the day! Dear Floral Industry Service Provider: As you likely know, Florists for Change (“FFC”) is a new organization whose principal purpose is to improve the industry for the traditional retail florist (“TRF”). We, the four founding trustees of FFC, will seek strategic relationships with a variety of floral industry service providers and suppliers (“FIS”) whom FFC may elect to designate Associate Members, based upon a set of requirements and uniforml…

Two Steps To Make Your Flower Shop More Profitable

Posted on September 22nd, 2011
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Flower-Shop-Profitable Could two small changes really make your flower shop more profitable? We wanted to highlight a great article from the Florists Review by Ken Royer about two critical, but easy-to-implement changes that will make your flower shop more profitable. The full text is below but here are the highlights. 1. Lower Your Prices 2. Sell Un-Arranged Flowers - it will enable you to sell lower priced flowers profitably At Floranext we have seen this in action. We have florists that have done over 1,000 web orders in six months, while others other florists that have done just a handful. These florists follow a simple formula: sell affordable flowers, barely arranged. And promote them like hell. This approach has translated to a hugely profitable online, walk-in, and phone business. _______…

Sneak Peek – Floranext’s New Banners!

Posted on September 10th, 2011
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We just designed some great new website banners for our florist customers -- amazing, luscious banners. Just a taste of some of the great new designs we will be launching for our customers in the next few weeks! We think that in the flower industry, design is instrumental- and that your florist websites should reflect your design sensibilities. We're helping florists break the mold with some truly stand-out designs. Here are a few:     Stay tuned for the next update about the Florists for Change movement! Even more great things are coming soon :) At Floranext, we think great design can set your business apart! Interested in using Floranext for your Florist website & florist POS needs? Get in touch with us!…

Florists for Change – Breakout Session Summary

Posted on August 17th, 2011
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The Florist for Change afternoon breakout session was productive - the group separated into four groups to discuss some key topics, including the cause of inertia, where the industry will be in 5 years, and how a florist to florist technology network would work. What causes inertia? - Fear of the unknow - Fragmented industry - hard to organize for change - Old Dogs - too much trouble to change - Lack of Time - Lack of Leadership Where will the industry be in 5 years? - Decline in retail shops - Decline in profits - Price matters more- Flowers as gift category declines due to dissatisfaction - Additional Drop-ships Where are florists' interests aligned with wire services? - Want flowers to be the gifts of choice for consumers - We both need a clearing house …

Florists for Change – The Proposal

Posted on August 17th, 2011
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Florist-For-ChangeThe morning discussion focused on some key principles and positive solutions to help the floral industry: The Proposal Action 1: Strive to focus on the consumer - Build value convenience, lyoatly - Offer and promote an unconditional 100% satisfaciton guarantee - Legistlate DOGs (deceptive order gatherer) out Action 2: Create a "Buy local flowers" national campaign - "Got Milk", "Happy Cows California Cheese" Action 3: Consider non-profit, F2F direct order mechanism - Sell your products at your prices and dedlivery fee - You pay me a commission baed on my cost+ profit - Don't fill unprofitable incoming orders "When the consumer loses, we lose. When the consumer wins we win." - Mike Fiannaca…

Florists for Change – Mission Statement

Posted on August 17th, 2011
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Florist-For-Change-Las-VegasThe morning session kicked off with Mike Fiannaca detailing the mission statement. "The status quo is not sustainable." …

Florists for Change – Kickoff Reception

Posted on August 17th, 2011
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Florist-For-Change-Las-Vegas Flowers for Change kicked off with a drinks reception and some inspiring talks by organizers Dirk Lorenz (emcee), Betsy Hall, Mike Fiannaca, and Keith Hill. The total number of attendees: an impressive 150 florists. The setting for the event, luxurious Cosmopolitan Hotel, which opened just recently in December. Here are some photos from the event: …

Florists for Change Meeting in Las Vegas – LiveBlogging the Event

Posted on August 16th, 2011
The Florists for Change Facebook group, created less than a month ago, already has over 900 "likes" from florists across the US. The stated mission is to devise innovative ways to help support local florists and reconsider the traditional paradigm for sending/receiving orders. Over the next few days we will be live-blogging the Florists for Change event, straight from Las Vegas. At Floranext, we are optimists - we believe that change in the industry is possible. We think that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) are the tools we need to turn a fragmented floral industry into one with a cohesive voice. We think that florists have relied for too long on other companies to do marketing on their behalf. We need to put tools and technologies back in the hands of the brick an…