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Have May Day Flowers Wilted Away?

April 24th, 2019 Posted by Josh D Blog, events, Floral Design, Floral Holiday Tips, Florist Profits, Florist Resources, Flower Fun, Flower History 0 thoughts on “Have May Day Flowers Wilted Away?”

The unique and beautiful traditions of May Day have sadly become lost and wilted over time—is it time to bring them back?

Spring is finally here! This time of year is often associated with floral holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day, but years ago, the season used to start in earnest with May Day.

When Did May Day Start?

The earliest known history of May celebrations began with the Floralia, the festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers. This festival was typically held on April 27th. The Floralia opened with theatrical performances, including a ritual called the Florifertum that was performed on either the 27th or May 3rd, where a bundle of wheat was carried into a shrine for the devotion of Flora.

In the 18th century many Catholics observed May Day with various devotions to the Virgin Mary. In works of art, school skits and other performances, Mary’s head would be depicted adorned with flowers.

Today, the most commonly-known May Day traditions are the maypole, crowning the Queen of May, and the giving of May baskets. dancing around a painted maypole decorated with flowers. People dance around the maypole holding long ribbons attached to the top of the pole. Crowning the Queen of May, and the tradition of anonymously leaving neighbors, family, and friends May baskets of flowers and sweets on their doorsteps.

Image via Shutterstock

What is a May basket?

In the 19th and 20th century, children and young adults would start the spring off by gathering flowers and arranging them in a paper cone along with candies and small trinkets. These were then hung on the door of a friend’s or neighbor’s home to welcome them into spring.

As time progressed, baskets were then used along with paper cones in the May Day tradition, and a new meaning was formed. The holiday started to become a second Valentine’s Day, it was a way of letting a romantic prospect know your feelings.

So what happened to this joyous holiday—was it a spread of “stay off my lawn” mentality? Nowadays, only certain parts of the US, Canada, and European countries still observe May Day.

Image via Shutterstock

Can May Day Be Brought Back?

Why not?? As florists we handle and arrange beautiful flowers each day, why not bring back the May Day series of traditions to put a smile back on someones face.

It’s all about informing the customer and piquing their interest. Write a blog or post on social media, offer discounts or specials on May Day.

As a business owner, there is a potential in obtaining a new and younger generation of customers by offering May Day baskets or cones. One way is to offer May Day baskets or cones to your customers, explain the tradition and see if they would like to purchase to distribute the basket or cone themselves or for you to deliver to a local nursing home or hospital.

Everything is potential and why not start with a holiday that was created for flowers!


Florists, do you try and keep the May Day tradition alive at your shop, and would you be interested in bringing it back? Please share your thoughts and comments below!


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2019 Unexpected Floral Trend – Dried Flowers

February 6th, 2019 Posted by Josh D Blog, Floral Design, Floral Instagram, Florist Resources, Flower Fun, Flower History, Flower Trends, photos, Stunning Photo Galleries 4 thoughts on “2019 Unexpected Floral Trend – Dried Flowers”


A 4,000-year-old trend is making its rounds again!

That’s right—preserving or drying flowers date back 4,000 years ago to the Egyptians. These dried flowers were presented in funeral ceremonies, with each flower being chosen for a symbolic meaning within their religion.

From Ancient Egypt to Victorian England, dried flowers are making their way back in 2019. The growing DIY movement and popularity of natural products is allowing dried florals to see a new light.

This is a great opportunity to let customers know after receiving or purchasing a fresh arrangement, they can hang and dry their flowers to give them more time to appreciate the arrangement.

So where can we expect to see these dried florals in 2019?


2019 Dried Floral Trends

Stunning Dried Arrangements/Bouquets: This trend is becoming more popular in weddings. Arrangements and bouquets can be made completely out of dried flowers, or fresh flowers with dried incorporated into the arrangement. Dried seed pods and lavender are also a popular choice.

image via

Preserved Stems and Greens: Preserving larger stems and greens like eucalyptus is a great way to add to a vase and make it a focal point in a room such as a living room or bathroom.


Pressed Flowers and Greens: Beside floral arrangements, pressed flowers and greens are preserved in frames or shadow boxes. If you love the idea of having dried flowers a part of your decor but do not have space, this is a perfect solution for you.

Not only can you keep pressed flowers in a frame or shadow box, there are now clear phone cases that can display pressed flowers, putting a modern spin on the trend. This is becoming especially popular among Millennials.


Image via @tarrnationflowers at

Wreaths: Ideally these wreaths are for indoors, as the flowers need to be stored or kept in dry place. Try adding simple dried flowers that have a fragrance, like lavender or oregano.


Types of Preservation of Flowers

Drying and Hanging: This is one of the earliest-known methods of preserving flowers. The simplest way to dry most flowers is to remove all leaves, tie them in small bundles and hang them upside down, out of direct sunlight and in a warm and well-ventilated place.

Each bunch should only contain one type of flower with larger bloomed flowers are to be dried individually by the stem. Stems may need to be re-tied during the process as they tend to shrink. The drying process can take anywhere from one week to several weeks depending on the flower, humidity, and where the flower is being store.

Silica Gel Drying: Ever wonder what those little packets are that come in shoe boxes? That’s a small amount of silica gel, a substance that helps remove moisture in the box so the shoes’ leather and foam stay in crisp good condition. It is white, but some types contain blue crystals that act as an indicator of the amount of moisture that has been absorbed.

Silica gel dries florals very quickly. To dry flowers using silica gel, spread on open pans a layer ½ to ¾ inch thick, place the flowers on top and bake in the oven. Once crystals show moisture removed, flowers must be placed in airtight containers.


image via @wildlinggirl via Instagram

Pressed: This floral preservation method started in the Victorian era. Pressing flowers involves using one of many different types of presses, depending on the flower type. The art is then framed in a flat frame, to hang on the wall.

Other Methods: Of course, there are other methods of preserving methods like freeze drying, but we recommend choosing the best and cost-effective method for you and your floral business.


Image via

With most customers viewing social media and online for inspiration and references, We can guarantee customers will start asking about dried florals in your flower shop.

Florists, do you sell or use dried florals in your business? If so what are other ways you incorporate dried florals? Please share your comments below!


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The Art Of Flowers

June 13th, 2017 Posted by Idalina Bertone Blog, Floral Design, Flower Trends, photos, Stunning Photo Galleries 5 thoughts on “The Art Of Flowers”


 floral designing is three-dimensional art which expresses creativity and imagination.

Florists you surely already know that you are an artist, though following these basic elements: Balance, Proportion and Rhythm, some flower designers and flower enthusiasts have put their talent to work and are being recognized for their amazing works in the floristry industry.

Flowers, as we know, are nature’s miracle and provide the perfect art medium, with beautiful colors and textures to create the most magnificent color pallet.  It’s no wonder some flower designers and artists are taking a step out of the box and looking at flowers in a whole new way.

In this blog, we want to share how florists and flower enthusiasts are taking flower arranging in floristry by storm with their creativity and superb technique.


Image via Instagram by Lewis Miller Design

Flowers In The Trash

Amazing how flowers in a New York City trash can actually make this trash can look so gorgeous like we always said flowers are simply powerful.

Equally as amazing is how much recognition floral designer Lewis Miller received for his exquisite floral art displays throughout  New York City. We love Lewis Miller for showcasing his floral designing talents and adding awareness on the powerful impact flowers have in any surrounding.


Image via Instagram by Putnam and Putnam

Lavish Floral Arches

It certainly was no easy task finding our showcase image for Putnam &  Putnam (Darroch and Michael Putnam). Their floral works of art are simply amazing and inspirational.


Image via Instagram by Sarah Winward

Floral Design Elements

Sarah Winward has really taken the floral design elements to a whole new level. Her floral arrangements are breathtaking with perfect balance, proportion, and rhythm.  Looking at her floral works will surely evoke feelings of serenity.


Image via Instagram by Stef Adriaenssens

Modern Floral Architecture

Stef Adriaenssens has been captivating Europe with his masterful modern architectural floral displays. His technique for balance and clean line design with lots of touches of the unexpected is beyond perfection. Simply amazing!


Image via Instagram by Justina Blakeney

Floral Portrait Design

If you have not heard of Justina Blakeney you are in for a real treat.  Justina Blakeney has gained recognition for her incredible works of art, the one being #Facethefoliage. We love the use of leaves, stems and flowers in these whimsical works of art. We also equally love the new found use of florals and plants which inspire followers to look at flowers in a whole new way.


There are so many floral designers and floral enthusiasts who are creating a buzz in the floristry industry. We certainly could not feature all in this blog, however, we will continue with this series of blogs a few times a year to offer recognition and thanks for all the inspiration.

Florists we would love to hear your feedback and questions. Do you have a favorite flower art artist? please share in the comments sections below.


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Florist Marketing – Understanding The Basics

April 26th, 2017 Posted by Idalina Bertone Blog, Florist Ecommerce, Florist Marketing, Florist Operations, Florist Point of Sale, Florist POS, Florist Profits, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, Opening a Flower Shop, Search Engine Optimization, seo 4 thoughts on “Florist Marketing – Understanding The Basics”


Marketing is the key to successful growth and longevity for Floral Businesses.

However, some business owners are still stumped when it comes to marketing for their flower shop. Marketing is better explained by putting yourself as the business owner in the customer’s shoes.  What are your customer’s needs and wants? What makes your customers satisfied?

Marketing consists of many elements better known as Product, Price, Promotion and Place. In this blog, we thought it would be great to review the basics of marketing and make it easier to understand so that you may use marketing to grow your floral business.



What Is Your Business Marketing Goal?

  1. Create brand visibility/recognition.
  2. Grab your customer’s attention/interest.
  3. Encourage purchasing.
  4. A simple call to action.
  5. Increase your business revenue.



Ways to Market Your Business:

  • Inbound Marketing: This includes your floral website, social media platforms, video and emailing. Internet marketing also falls under Inbound marketing.
  • Outbound Marketing: Outbound Marketing can consist of mailers, flyers and/or face to face. The goal here is to generate customers. With outbound marketing you are seeking them out. Think of cold calling (which falls under outbound marketing as well).
  • Word Of Mouth Marketing: Solely relies on your existing customer referrals.  This is one of the best marketing approaches. Most (if not all) happy patrons will recommend your business to other patrons.
  • Promotions/Coupon Marketing: Typically done to motivate the customer to buy at a great deal/offer.
  • Giveaway Marketing: Is most effective in establishing a customer base. Offer free giveaways to customers or in your local businesses. Do this only for a short period of time – best when first opening up your flower shop.
  • Paid Marketing: This includes any paid advertising, tv, print and pay per click for Adwords. 
  • Cause Marketing: Marketing your product/brand for charity or to support a cause.
  • Buzz Marketing: This is marketing your product without people knowing they are being marketed. This is seen as more of a controversial way of marketing. Buzz or also known as Stealth marketing is most done via Video or TV applications.

Note: There are so many different ways to market your business not limited to the ones above. The general rule here is to be visible and do not rely on only one way to market. Use a combination of marketing practices!


Marketing Must Do’s:

  • Impeccable Customer Service: We do not want to market to customers without first achieving great customer service policies.  Employees should at all times be happy (sound happy) and pleasant while answering the phone or handling a customer. The old saying “The Customer Is Always Right” still holds true. Let’s listen and always be polite (even when we know they are wrong).
  • Connect Your Platforms: Make sure to connect your in-store Marketing with your Internet/Online Marketing.
  • Knowing Your Consumer: Having knowledge of your customers is key to successful marketing. Everyone needs flowers at some point, however, it is important to gather information on customers needs to market to each person correctly.
  • Understanding Your Competition: Marketing in your area is important so that you can grab a grasp on your local customers. Evaluate your competition and what they are offering and how you are different.
  • Keep Customers: Focusing on generating new customers is one of the essentials of marketing. However, so is keeping the ones you already have. Be courteous to and respect your current customers and offer some perks to all your patrons new or old.
  • Get Reviews: Remember marketing is also word of mouth. Encourage reviews and testimonials. These are little miracles for increasing traffic to your flower shop and website.
  • Get On Social Media: We understand that you most likely already have your floral business on social media. Being on social media and current on social media are two different things. Please devote at least a half hour a day to your social media communities.
  • Promote Your Work: We get it, not all florists use their own product images on their eCommerce. Images can be hard to take. You’re busy and the catalog images are selling great on your website.  The missing ingredient here is that you are promoting your work and your brand. Seen time and time again images of floral shops own work is priceless in achieving their own specific niche. Invest in a backdrop and use a great camera (some mobile phones do a great job and start building your portfolio). If using images not based on your work, be careful of Copyright trolls. It’s always best to use your own work.



Marketing Tips:

  • Discount: Offer a discount for any customer that gives you an on the spot review at your store or while purchasing from your website. Put up a sign that says “$5.00 off total order for a review on Google and Yelp!”
  • Photo Shoot: During slower months have a photo shoot day! Remember marketing does cost a little money and think of this as the modern way of advertising. Make up some great floral arrangements and get to taking pictures. Does the budget allow you to hire a photographer or someone just starting out in photography? Another option is to have a camera ready and to take images as you design and make the camera accessible to your designers.
  • Social Media Platforms: There are platforms that can help you post on all your social media sites with just one posting. Check out Hootsuite.
  • Emails: Capture every customer’s email! Make it a point to get this information. Email marketing can have a great return of repeat business. Again, make sure to ask customers for their email, most if not all are willing to share this with you.
  • Blog: What? You’re not a writer! How can you blog? Everyone can blog. Write about what you know and use specific keywords that have to do with your floral business.  Make sure to squeeze in your location in the blog if you can.
  • Quality: Offer quality with your brand, focus on your customers and offer the best possible product you can. However (florists, listen up, as most of you are famous for doing this) Do Not Give Things Away. Charge for your creative work and give customers quality. Do not over give. It will always be expected.

These are some easy ways to understand and get started with your floral marketing. Florists, let’s hear your feedback! Do you have any important marketing advice/tips that have been or are successful? Please share all your feedback, tips or any floral marketing related questions you would like addressed below.


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Top 5 Florist Must Do’s – Pinterest

March 22nd, 2017 Posted by Idalina Bertone Blog, Florist Ecommerce, Florist Marketing, Florist Profits, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, photos 1 thought on “Top 5 Florist Must Do’s – Pinterest”

Top-5-Florist-Must-Do's - Pinterest

We all understand how Pinterest can be a big impact on Florists Business.

With over 150 million users and over 50 billion pins, getting your flower shop brand discovered is easily done on this image social media site.

Pinterest is a great way to create collections of your weddings and get found by brides looking or inspiration. Read more on keyword search terms on #4.

In this blog, we will list the Top 5 Florist Must Do’s for Pinterest to help you market for your floral business.

Pinterest - Social Media for Florists

5. Link Your Pins

Make sure all your pins include a link to your floral website or your blog.

This will drive people to your floral website. We actually advise you to write a blog so you can pin on Pinterest and link back to your blog. This is great for your flower shop brand recognition.

Tip: Consider adding a watermark to your images – ones you have designed and posted. The watermark can be your logo or your shop name. This will keep your floral business/website visible and promote your brand. This helps keep others from using your image without your consent, as mentioned in last weeks blog.

Pinterst for Florists

4. Vital Pin Captions

Think about your Pin captions and make sure they are specific with searched keywords. Most Pinterest users use the search with specific keywords (example “bridal bouquet” “mother’s day flowers” ). Make sure to add captions to all your pins and think about the content you are writing, making sure it is relevant to your floral business.



image via Floranext /

3. Pin On Many Subjects

Keep the interest going for Pinterest followers. Pin on many different subjects to appeal to a wide range of users. Consider making a few boards and sharing these. Besides flowers, this could be any gift or home decor items you may sell.

Tip: Follow users and personal boards that appeal to you. Following is a great way of engaging with Pinterest users to build your own dedicated followers.


image via

2. Share Pinterest Buttons

Share Pinterest buttons on your other social media platforms, Google +, Facebook, Twitter or any social media platform you are a member of. Consider adding a call to action so that they can follow you on Pinterest. A call to action is a piece of content intended for the viewer or reader to take action to see or read something.



image via

1. Add a Pin It/Save Button

By far the Pin It/ Save button is the best way to get recognized on Pinterest. Make sure to add the Pin It/ Save button on your floral website to make easy for visitors to pin your images and content to Pinterest. Contact your eCommerce website provider if you need assistance with adding a Pin It / Save Button.

Tip: Time your pins! 2 – 4 PM, evening hours and weekends are popular and get the most views.

Florists, we would love your feedback! How has Pinterest brought success to your floral business? Please add your feedback and questions in our comment section below.


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Florists Beware – Copyright Trolls!

March 15th, 2017 Posted by Idalina Bertone Blog, Florist Marketing, Florist Operations, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, photos 5 thoughts on “Florists Beware – Copyright Trolls!”



 Every business owner with a website (florists included) should be aware of Copyright Trolls!​

Understanding how Copyright Trolls work can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If you have never heard of Copyright Trolls then you must read this blog. Many businesses/florists learn too late and are charged steep fees. In this blog, we will get down to the nitty-gritty on Copyright Trolls.

So what are Copyright Trolls? To explain this, let’s first explain what a copyright is.


image via

What Is A Copyright?

You may have seen the c with the circle around it (like this – ©). This is known as a copyright.  A copyright is a legal right to the owner of the original work. The original work copyright protects the artist in the following publications:

  • Print
  • Publish
  • Perform
  • Film
  • Record
  • Import & Export

Good to know: Some works may not have a copyright but a license. A license grants other people to use the artists work by strict agreements and a fee.



image via & clipart

So what is a Copyright Troll?

Here it is – a Copyright Trolls owns © copyrights or licenses. But here is the catch, they have no intent to use the work they own.

  • They search the web and find their copyright/licensed material.
  • Threaten any user (such as a business) with fees for using their images without approval.
  • They do not give up until they get some compensation as this is their main objective and how they make their money.



image via

How does this affect your Flower Shop?

Copyright Trolls are internet based so let’s focus on the pictures you are currently displaying on your floral website.

  • Did you take these pictures yourself and post? If so, no need to worry about Copyright Trolls.
  • Were the pictures provided by your website hosting company? If so, you are again clear of Copyright Trolls.
  • Did you copy these pictures off an internet website, search engine or social media site? If YES, remove immediately, regardless of what kind of picture it is. This is exactly what Copyright Trolls are looking for.

We do understand that when pictures are saved and copied by owners to their websites it is not with malicious intent. Most people just do not understand that Copyright Trolls exist. However, for those who have been hassled by Copyright Trolls, this is a very costly and serious issue.



image via

What Images Should You Use? 

Before you copy a picture you like on to your website, make sure that it is not copyrighted and you are able to use it freely without repercussions.

  • Use websites that offer free images or Creative Commons licenses.
  • Pay for images using stock photos from a stock photo company.
  •  If you are using the image for selling a product on your website make sure the license allows for that use.
  • If you don’t know if an image is copyrighted, just ask! Many artists/companies would be happy to talk to you about the work in question.
  • Best Option – take your own pictures of your work. With cameras everywhere now it is not so hard to take a quality picture.

Tip: We like to point out that some images you like may cost a bit but it is certainly worth to pay the small price tag to have the look and feel you are going for and save yourself the hassle of dealing with Copyright Trolls.


image via

How To Fight Copyright Trolls

Once a Copyright Troll locates a picture on a website that is © (they have websites that locate these pictures on anyone’s website across the world), they will bombard you with threatening letters to pay a lump sum or else suffer litigation. If letters are not responded to, they will file claims for damages. This is such a hassle! Remember this is their daily job, they have nothing else to do but send you letters and make you pay.

The Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act – known as OCILLA – has some great advice to follow:

Let’s say you post © images on your website, you can protect yourself from claims under   Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( DMCA).

  • No actual knowledge of copyrighted content on your website.
  • No money is received by posting the copyrighted image.
  • Removing the copyrighted image quickly once notified.


Florists lets us know any feedback on Copyright Trolls you may have. Share in the comment section below.


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Snapchat For Florists

February 28th, 2017 Posted by Idalina Bertone Blog, events, Florist Ecommerce, Florist Marketing, Florist Operations, Florist Profits, Florist Resources, florist technology, Opening a Flower Shop, photos 5 thoughts on “Snapchat For Florists”


Snapchat is trending as one of the leading mobile apps for video and picture messaging.

So why aren’t florists taking advantage of the 158 million plus users daily on Snapchat to market their flower shop?

The reason is, Snapchat can be hard to understand. In this blog, we will explain the basics of Snapchat and how you can use it to benefit your floral business.



image mockup via Barin Doru Cristian “this looks great”

How Snapchat Works

Although the name indicates that Snapchat is a chat app for chatting, in actuality it is not a chat app, but rather a video and picture messaging app.

Snapchat gives you 10 seconds to sell your brand. Videos, pictures, and texts sent disappear after 1 to 10 seconds and the user can select the length of the message.

Snapchat has whats called “Snapchat Stories”, a story is when you post your video or picture to your own feed (or Story) this will be seen by you and all your friends within the Snapchat.

Within the Snapchat stories, you will have three main categories:

  • Discover-  Media Companies 
  • Live-  Administered by Snapchat
  • Recent Updates-  Photos and videos and any brands published will list in recent updates

image via mockups &

Market Your Flower Shop With Snapchat

Business is gravitating to Snapchat as a valuable social media marketing tool. Why?  Snapchat is connected to your mobile device address book.  After creating an account it will be linked to your device, you can now find friends based on their phone numbers.

Remember Snapchat is geared towards increasing your brand with real-time marketing.  Anything you post will give your customers a sense of security and trust in your brand.

Snapchat posts to market your floral business:

  • Events
  • First Look at Exclusive products
  • Give a behind-the-scenes look of your flower shop
  • Offer promotional codes for your eCommerce
  • Offer Contests- such as scavenger hunts

Geotag filtering is a great way to increase your floral brand, use these for an event or promotion. These geotags will be for a specific geographic region. There is a charge for this filter but well worth it, as your floral brand will be a part of someone else’s story. Great investment!



Snapchat Language Explained 

Snapchatter – Means Snapchat users. 

Snaps –Pictures or videos taken with Snapchat. Send these to another Snapchatter. Remember this can only be viewed by the Snapchatter up to 10 seconds then it disappears. 

Snapstreak – You and your friend have snapped each other for more than one day.

Snapback – Replying to a snap

Scores – A combination of Snaps you have sent, received and stories you posted.

Chat – Allows you to message other Snapchatters in a private chat box.

Filters – Makes your snaps stand out with fun overly filters.

Lenses – Add special effects and sounds to your snaps.


Florists, are you currently using Snapchat to market your floral business? If so please share your tips in the comment section with our readers.


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Flowers & Celebrities

July 26th, 2016 Posted by Idalina Bertone Blog, Flower Trends, photos 5 thoughts on “Flowers & Celebrities”


flowers are the #1 choice among celebrities across the world.

Celebrities send flowers as gifts almost 100% of the time due to the fact that flowers are equally attractive to anyone no matter what age, status, and origin. Celebrities love sending flowers and they love decorating their homes and dressing rooms with them as well. While we all have our favorite flower, take a look at flowers celebrities favour and flowers named in their honor.



Images via

Kim Kardashian

Kim is obsessed with jasmine’s flowers, no surprise that this simple pure flower inspired her perfume line which is a huge seller.



images via

Katy Perry

Known for having fresh flowers on a daily basis, Katy Perry has a love for purple and white hydrangeas.



images via

Angelina Jolie

Angelina’s beauty is like her favorite flower being the orchid,Stunning. Orchids are one of the world’s top pick, they range in various colors and shapes which adds luster to any arrangement.



Images via

Audrey Hepburn

Known as one of the world’s most recognized celebrity, Audrey Hepburn prefers Lilies of the valley. A small delicate flower which adds sweetness to any bouquet.



Images via

Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Scarlett Johansson

All these famous women prefer the elegant and beautiful white rose.  The white rose is a symbol of courage, elegance, and mystery.



Images via

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon, a historic celebrity, favored the violet after having a very important revelation come to him upon receiving these beautiful flowers. He consider them as the “emblem of his wishes.”


Flowers Named After Celebrities

Did you know that these celebrities have flowers named after them?



Image via

Michelle Obama – Michelle Obama Purple Orchid



Image via

Paul McCartney – Hybrid Tea Paul McCartney Rose


Image via

Diana - Clematies

Image via

Princess Diana –  Princess Diana Rose & Clematies Princess Diana



Image via

Cher – Iris Cher



Image via

Claude Monet – Hybrid Tea Shrub Rose


The gesture of giving flowers still remains the symbol of love, respect, and admiration to the one who receives them. If you were a celebrity, what flower would you want named after you? Please share your comments below for our readers.


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Flower Shop Professional Photography

Hire A Flower Arrangement Photographer – 3 Tips

November 30th, 2015 Posted by bill Florist Ecommerce, Florist Marketing, Florist Profits, Florist Resources, Florist Websites, photos 0 thoughts on “Hire A Flower Arrangement Photographer – 3 Tips”

A picture is worth a thousand online sales” is the new twist on an old saying.  And if you are showcasing your flower designs online, having high-quality pictures is an important sales tool for your website. Striking flower design photos can make or break a sale. Here are some tips on getting professional photography for your flower shop.

Flower Shop Professional Photography

images via Taylor Mathis

Why great photos are so important to your florist website

If you’ve been taking photographs of your flower designs yourself and thinking they’re “good enough,” then you are definitely leaving money on the table. Nothing says amateur like a blurry, poorly-lit photograph. You want your customers to be excited to order your original flower designs and trust that you run a professional shop. If your images are inferior, maybe your flowers and shop is too.

That’s why hiring a professional photographer to provide crisp, clean, enticing design images gives you the aura of professionalism you need to stand out from the crowd. Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. One site has great, appealing flower designs and another looks like they were taken with a cell phone. Which flower shop are you going to trust with your order?

Three points to remember when hiring a photographer for your flower designs

1. Go local – starting with wedding photographers!  You may be able to trade free/low-cost photography with nearby wedding photographers in exchange for bridal referrals. Also, your photographer needs to be in your area for shooting the designs fresh, particularly since you may want more sessions in future.

Also check out different websites for photographer’s information including Craigslist, Professional Photographers Association,, Elance or Outsource. Ideally you want a photographer that is experienced in taking product design shots.  Just because the photographer you know takes beautiful wedding photographs, it doesn’t mean they are good at capturing the best shots of your still flower designs for your website.

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2. Always ask to see a portfolio. A professional photographer will always have a portfolio of their recent photos.  Be sure to take a moment to look through each one carefully.  Look at the portfolios as a way to get a feel of how they shot the products and if that is the look you are striving for with your designs.  Make sure the photographer understands your needs and wants.  They should ask lots and lots of questions and understand exactly what you are looking for, how many shots you need and where you are going to use these shots, is it only on the website or in print as well.

3. Discuss Budget Upfront.   Explain exactly what you are looking for, how many shots you want, what your brand and audience is as well as what you would like to convey in each shot.  If you are both on the same page before the shoot, there will be no surprises to the photographer on what is expected and no surprises to you on the increase in cost because of changes.  Tell the photographer your budget before shooting so everyone is in agreement!  You should be able to get what you need with a rough budget of $200 – $500.

Great photography is not a cost item; it’s a profit center for your flower shop!


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One, Two, Three Steps for Better Flower Website Photos

May 14th, 2014 Posted by bill Florist Marketing, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, florist-software, photos, Stunning Photo Galleries, weddings 5 thoughts on “One, Two, Three Steps for Better Flower Website Photos”

You’re in the midst of designing a gorgeous wedding bouquet and you think “This is beautiful; I would love to take a photo of this design and put it on my flower website so other brides can see my work.” If your next thought is ”no, that’s too hard to do.” then read on. Getting nice wedding flower photos are as easy as one, two, three!


ONE – The Prep Work For Flower Photos

Have a designated place to take photos always available. If you have to stop everything and move items around to take the photo of your flowers, you won’t. And don’t even think about holding the bouquet at arm’s length and photographing it, it won’t work!

Keep this area clean and ready to use in a moment’s notice. The designated area should be draped in a lightly colored background cloth. Dove grey is an excellent choice. One reason to use dove grey is that flowers aren’t found in this color so each flower will be seen distinctly and not fade into the background color. This color also makes it easy to cut out the background in a photo editing program. If dove grey isn’t available, white fabric or even white poster board will work. Remember to keep the cloth clean and pressed. You will be amazed at how the camera will pick up on even the littlest wrinkle. Another easy idea is to use white paper or even table runners as the background.  The main idea is to have an uncluttered background so your flower bouquets are the spotlight.  You can event construct a light box to use for your flower photos. It can be as simple as a white project board (think science project) put together as a contained box.  Search for easy light box instructions on the computer.

Invest in a tripod. You can take the photos without a tripod but often your hands aren’t as steady as you think and the pictures turn out blurry.  Experiment and see.

Add lights. Natural sunlight from the back is often a good option when available.  If not, purchasing a few additional inexpensive clamp-on lights for use above and on the sides of the design will eliminate shadows and dark holes. It is best to use daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs to keep the flower colors true. Remember to turn-off your automatic flash on your camera, it will be too bright and will wash out the colors at that close of range. You need to try a few shoots to see what works best.

Need a camera. Before investing in a new camera, check your camera on your Android or IPhone or even your tablet or IPad.  These cameras are often excellent for taking shots of your designs.  Even an inexpensive “point and shoot” camera will work fine for florist website pictures.


TWO – The Flower Design

Make certain the flower design will look as good in photos as in person. Often time the design looks beautiful in person but just not the same in photos for your florist website. When taking the flower photos, remember to position the camera to take the most important part of the design, the flowers. This might mean angling the design or moving the camera around to get the right shot.

Too light or dark colored flowers can be lost in the design. Dark flowers can end up looking like dark holes and white or light flowers can all be lumped into one white glowing blob. Move the lights around to help alleviate this problem.

Take a photo that is true to the design. If the design is an all-around flower arrangement, don’t move all the flowers to one side to make it look larger than it is.

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THREE – The Results for Your Florist Website

Put the best on your florist website. Your florist website is the first place consumers go to see what type of flowers you design. Do not put up anything that you are not proud of!

Your website photos should be easy to change and changed often for best results. Picasa, a free photo editing program from Google offers a large selection of editing tools including cropping, adding text and adjusting lighting and background.

It’s wedding season and you don’t want to miss out on taking photos of your best flower work. These photos are a great tool for use on your florist website and social media!  So get shooting and show everyone what you can design!


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